Simple Ideas

Great inventions come sometimes come from simple ideas. Great Ideas . . . They come to us in fleeting glimpses, flashing thoughts, and inspired visualizations. We all have them, sometimes in dreams, sometimes after great thought and often out of the blue. They can pop up at any time wherever we are. Most of us have numerous ideas that could be put to the test and generate income for us in business or make life easier in a number of ways. Why then is this often not the case in practice?

  • First: most people do act on some ideas, generally those that do not take them too far out of there comfort zones.
  • Second: for most people, a great idea remains just that, a great idea. They either don’t have the desire, energy or drive to push past the inactive stage or they procrastinate and miss the boat.
  • Third: a lot of people don’t note the idea and it passes into the back blocks of their memory.

Usually, the great idea ends up being taken and the opportunity passes. Heard this story or experienced it before, certainly a lot of people I’ve spoken to have related this scenario to me. What is missing in this formula? A few select people take their ideas and turn them into gold, these are the entrepreneurs, the movers and the wealthy.

They take – ACTION!

It Takes Action

Action is like oxygen to the flame, without it there is no fire. It is really just about “doing it”, taking that step, lifting that phone or making the effort to begin. Action and effort transfer into movement and it is the movement that we need in both life and business. When starting a business, especially a home based business it is advisable to start small but aim BIG. Have the bigger long-term vision firm in your mind and even written down. This makes it easier to Act and keep focus and motivation.

Opportunity A Plenty

There are plenty of business opportunities out there, software to format your ideas into sellable products (i.e.. E-Books Software if your into writing books or reports) and Business resources both on and off the net to assist you. Remember, all successful businesses started with an idea and then

ACTION . . . Take that step now ACT, you’ll never know if you don’t try!